22 Funny Parenting Tweets

We all have those moments when we take a step back and wonder where we went wrong. Whether you have personal experience with some of these situations or not, we can all appreciate struggling through parenting. It’s as funny as it is rewarding!

  1. When at least your kid gets the right vowel sound…

  1. Because even celebrities get sass from their children:

  1. Sometimes, meals come later on a parent’s list of priorities.

  1. In this age of technology, you would think we would always be prepared to capture those big moments on camera…

  1. Sometimes little human bodies behave a little differently than bigger ones.

  1. With more than one kid, you know that they are bound to terrorize each other… or not.

  1. In all honesty, you completely forget you have kids at times.

  1. At least they have impeccable music taste!

  1. They are always scheming for more screen time.

  1. We’ve all had a road trip gone awry:

  1. Because your children sometimes treasure what you see as trash:

  1. Making parents lose their minds since 1988!

  1. Every parent knows what the most useful kitchen appliance really is.

  1. Your children often don’t appreciate the dinners you make.

  1. You didn’t need air freshener before kids.

  1. Sometimes fables fail to provide the intended message.

  1. The great outdoors is a scary place!

  1. Good thing body art is in too!

  1. If your kids don’t unintentionally curse once in a while, you’re lucky.

  1. A day in the life of a parent:

  1. When there’s a suspicious crash, you just hope there are no tears.

  1. We can only hope that our children understand and respect different cultures.

Happy parenting!

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