A Fall Sport Alternative

It’s that time of year -fall time- early Saturday mornings full of last-minute snack shopping, forgetting to pack the shin guards and those unpredictably-rainy mornings spent sitting under umbrellas. Otherwise known as soccer season.

And while we’ll never speak a bad word about soccer, we recognize that it may not be the perfect fit for every child (or parent!). That’s why we think NinjaZone is the ideal, all-season alternative to traditional fall sports.

With NinjaZone, a child’s progression is determined by their own pace, not that of their peers. This results in essentially handing them the tools they need to create their own experience — to be as good, strong, and committed as they want to be. By letting children advance individually, within a defined and collaborative program, every age and gender has the opportunity to develop at their own pace.

And — if your child is one that likes participating in multiple activities, including traditional fall sports — NinjaZone helps build general athletic foundation to teach them more confidence in all of their actions. It also teaches skills like perseverance, control, grit and determination. Maybe most importantly, NinjaZone classes offer kids the opportunity to motivate and encourage their peers, a skill that will benefit them far beyond the gym walls. And while there’s beauty to and value in competition, with NinjaZone, kids compete against themselves, not their counterparts. What this does is create an environment where kids feel comfortable making mistakes and learning from them, instead of one that generates pressure and potential disappointment.

NinjaZone is an activity kids can progress in, together, over time. It’s not an activity kids typically get sick of or “outgrow”as levels consistently grow and their bodies and minds are pushed to new limits as they progress from class to class.

If you’re a parent whose child seems burnt out on the more traditional activities, use the start of fall as a hard reset. Consider stopping by the location nearest you and seeing if NinjaZone piques their interest and captures their attention. We are so proud of what we’ve developed and even more proud of the ninjas we’ve helped build. Even better, you’ll never get stuck sitting out in the cold rain.

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