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The school season is approaching fast and there are a lot of things to consider going into it! Some of them may be how to improve your child’s success this year and activities to get them involved! Here are some articles to get you thinking about your child and this upcoming school year!

How Physical Activity Will Help Children Perform Better in School

“We all want our children to perform at their personal best academically and in this world of constant screens and sedentary lifestyles, being on top of his physical game is a great way to ensure your child is topping his academic potential, too. One would assume that more studying and less time “playing” would help with academics, but the research suggests even if the physical activity takes time away from academics, test scores go up. More time spent on physical activity is linked to no adverse effects on academic performance.

How Extracurricular Activities Build Grit and Perseverance

“Extracurricular activities expand well beyond sports. Extracurricular could be the likes of chess club, art guild, community theatre, 4-H, and tons of other types of opportunities for kids to socialize. There is much more happening beneath the surface of these activities. Of course, when we think of clubs and activities outside of the classroom, sports always falls into this category. Undertakings that keep our kids active and social are at the foundation of who they are, and the goal is to allow these activities to help them thrive.

Studies: Active Kids Are Definitely More Successful In School

“New studies are showing that we’re stunting kids academic growth by forcing them to sit still for 6 hours straight. Kids are naturally hardwired to react physically, and sometimes with high energy. Adults are forcing kids to stifle this behavior. We understand kids have to be quiet in a classroom setting to learn. We also understand that kids are still KIDS!”

Hope you find these articles to be helpful! NinjaZone is the perfect place to let your child thrive this school year! Don’t hesitate to contact us and learn more about the programs and what we have to offer! Also, feel free to check out the rest of our website!


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