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Building A Successful Summer Break For Kids

Here’s a gameplan to give your children a successful summer break

It’s easy for kids in the summer to sleep all day, lounge around and stay glued to their devices. No learning. Nothing productive. Ideally, you can keep your child active and developing in the summer but making sure he or she has fun at the same time. Here are some strategies for building a successful summer break for your kids:

Make Nutrition A Priority Summer is a great time to cut out the junk food. Community gardens are thriving and it’s easy to get them involved with a garden at home as well. The relaxed schedule allows them to help in the kitchen a little more and have some fun at the same time.

A Picture Perfect Summer Sunshine and vacations make for great photos, and kids enjoy having their picture taken now more than ever. Taking great photos and making a photo album, collage or having some fun photo editing can get your children engaged in the summer’s activities and provide a worthwhile project.

Get Out And About Everyone needs exercise! Taking a scenic hike, getting out on a bike or playing in the park provides some level of structure, fun and quality exercise. When taking your children out, it also allows mom and dad to leave the daily hustle behind.

Strengthen Your Imagination We all remember playing house as children, and fostering imagination in children will never go out of style. Playing imagination games while being active or acting out their favorite stories can be fun and physical activities that support creativity.

Learning New Skills While Being Active A perfect summer for children is sunshine, activities and development that is easy on mom and dad. Particularly if both parents work during the summer, there’s a need for activities to instill new lessons to be used in the future and for your children’s energy to be focused into positivity.

At NinjaZone, 80,000 children have found a place that helps build creativity, physical fitness, confidence and discipline – all while having fun!

Set Your Summer Strategy at NinjaZone

NinjaZone offers constructive programs to keep your child growing mentally, physically and emotionally during the dog days of summer. Our programs foster development, channel positive energy and instill confidence in kids that they can carry into the next school year.

NinjaZone combines the coordination, creativity and balance of gymnastics with strength and agility attributes to create programs for all ages and skill levels. From Baby Ninjas (walkers to age 3) all the way to our Ninjas at age 11, your child cannot only be productive but also have fun!

Sign up for NinjaZone today or check out our map of 275+ locations to find the NinjaZone near you!


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