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Coaches are the Key to Unlocking Grit in Children

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

NinjaZone coach kid fist-bump

As a parent, there’s always that recurring thought: “Am I doing it right?” Well, we all know the answer to that: there is no right and wrong! As kids get older, it becomes increasingly more difficult to try to wrangle them, and the best we can do is hope that the influences in their lives are guiding them in a ‘good’ direction. Everyone has their own idea of what a ‘good’ direction is, but I think that most of us can agree that we want our kids to grow up to be productive members of society, who are also kind and confident. The sad part? Parents can only do so much.

We all have that one teacher. The one that, as kids, we thought was put on this Earth to torture us. Yeah, you’re picturing them, aren’t you? In many cases, that one teacher is also the one that had the heaviest influence on us as adults. Mr. Smith may have been a bear in class, but thanks to him, you now understand the importance of a strong handshake. The same goes for coaches.

The coaches in our children’s lives are one of the biggest influences that they may ever encounter. Why is this? Think about it. Coach isn’t mom or dad. Coach isn’t brother or sister. Coach is not grading papers. Coach is there to challenge. To encourage.

To nurture when necessary, and lay down the gauntlet when there is no other way out. COACH is instilling confidence. COACH is challenging these kids. COACH is a soft place to fall, if it was a bad day. Most importantly, COACH is there to remind our kids that they CAN DO IT.

Parents can only do so much. Parents can love their kids through almost anything, but coaches—they’re a special kind human. They not only love kids through it, but they won’t allow kids to beat themselves up, and they are often the first person to high five our kids when they overcome a hurdle. Coaches are instilling grit in our kids, and we owe them one. Next time you see your child’s coach, thank them for what they do. They are a direct extension of the parents. Coaches, parents salute you.

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