Managing Back-to-School Season for Parents

Back-to-school season is a chaotic time for parents and kids alike. It’s a time of transition — something kids (or their parents alike) may not always come by very easily. At NinjaZone, we aim to provide stability during such a potentially-hectic time. Still, we can’t help but chuckle at the challenges this time of year creates — shopping for school supplies, establishing new routines, dealing with neglected summer reading lists and managing the always hectic bedtime or morning wake-up. It’s a lot, and we get it!

Huffington Post recently published a list of 35 Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up Back-To-School Season, and in the spirit of commiserating and acknowledging just what parents manage, we wanted to share some of them here.

NinjaZone builds strong and confident kids, in a sport with no benches. Trust that as your child adjusts to another school year, we’re here to help provide additional stability, discipline, opportunity and encouragement. Life (and school) can be challenging — we each know that, as parents and coaches — but having consistent, trustworthy pillars in life can help make the journey a little easier to navigate. We love being advocates and allies for your amazing kids and look forward to ALL this school year will bring.

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