Spring into Action – 4 Activities for Healthy Kids

Now that it’s finally feeling like spring throughout the Midwest, it’s time to get OUTSIDE and get active! With the warmer weather comes the opportunity to get your kids away from the video games and get outside!

  1. Go for a Pre- or Post- Dinner Walk as a Family: Whether you’ve just finished some carry out or are waiting for your Instant Pot to finish up, fit in a family walk on beautiful evenings. Commit to walking around the neighborhood together, or up to a local, nearby park. It’s a great way to burn off that last energy of the day and prepare for bedtime.

  2. Walk to School: Once back from Spring Break, consider walking your little to and from school, if distance permits. Not only will this get steps in, it’s a great time to bond, hear their perspective, and learn about what’s going on at school.

  3. Spring Cleaning, Family Style: Yardwork, anyone?! Kids love to get their hands in the dirt, so before you hire out landscaping, consider tackling it at as a family. Whether it’s helping plant trees and flowers, jumping through the sprinkler as the lawn is watered or helping freshen up the exterior of the home, find ways to include your littles in the housework. Not only will they burn calories and get some fresh air, they’ll feel prideful in their work and have a hand in keeping the house and community looking good!

  4. Walk or Run for Charity: Depending on your community, there are ample opportunities to get moving at a local race for charity. Often times, by checking your local newspaper, you’ll uncover 5k races perfect for families with kids. A 5k, or just over three miles, is the perfect distance to push a toddler in a stroller and have kids run their hearts out, usually for a great cause.

How does your family stay active in the Spring? Share your ideas!

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