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  • Kid's Summer Bingo {free printable}

    We know you’ll be busy this Summer – so why not cross off some Summer Bingo squares along the way? We created an easy printable that you can hang on the fridge. Cross off each item as you do it and try to get to them all! Tag us in your summer fun photos on Instagram or Facebook. Save this free printable -

  • 5 Tips for Talking to Kids

    (Without Talking Down to Them) For Ninja trainers and coaches, dedicated to embedding the discipline, focused energy, and skill of a Ninja into students, the ability to properly communicate with children is vital. When talking and communication are done right throughout a lesson, students learn more, have more fun, and benefit from a more structured environment. With proper communication, everyone benefits and experiences an easier time as we work together to teach new skills and have fun. Read on below to discover several important guidelines to stick to when seeking to foster better communication with students, and experience the results for yourself! 5 Tips for Talking to Kids - 1. Speak to Students in a Mature Way For students training to be a Ninja, it’s important to acknowledge their self-felt status as a “big kid.” Students are eager to rise to the occasion as they learn new skills, and might be less willing to listen if they feel that they’re being spoken to as “babies.” Speak to them as you might to adults; slowly and clearly, with patience for questions, and you might find a more receptive class. 2. Make Eye Contact For many children, the feeling of personal attention is just as important as a mature tone of speech when addressing them. Maintaining eye contact while talking, and making it with as many students as possible, communicates a sense of “Yes, I’m talking to you too.” That connection to students can work wonders in a personal sense of connection and accountability as you seek to stay on task. 3. Stay Mindful As many successes as you have, when communicating with children there will inevitably be setbacks. There will be days when it’s more difficult to communicate, and it can be easy for frustration to begin creeping up during this time. Remember to stay mindful of the fact that difficulty happens less often than good behavior, and keep a calm demeanor as you attempt to keep things under control. 4. Help Students Set Their Own Limits The core of our program centers around allowing students to progress at their own pace and find their limits. Don’t be afraid to support a student if they want to try something you might feel is slightly out of their grasp. While keeping safety as a priority, allowing students to press themselves is part of the beauty of NinjaZone. As a guide, cheerleader, and chaperone, you’ll be part of an experience they’ll never forget! 5. Be Firm When Necessary As fun as training may be, limits are also necessary to ensure that each student has a safe, fun experience. When talking about and laying down boundaries, expectations, and discipline to ensure that everyone gets along, you will have to be firm and uncompromising in what you allow and what you don’t. By clearly communicating your expectations and sticking to them, students will accept your leadership without feeling babied. When you’re leading, you’re the teacher and head communicator rolled into one. By following the 5 Tips for Talking to Kids when interacting with students, you’re more likely to have a fun, safe and harmonious group of students.

  • Fall Family Fun! {free download}

    It's Fall y'all and there is no better time to get together as a family and check off some classic Fall activities than right now! Check out this year's NinjaZone Fall Bucket List - Download the PDF -

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  • NinjaCon | Nov 2023

    2 WELCOME TO REGISTER NINJACON FOR COACHES: In-gym training opportunities with Master Coaches - Hours of hands-on training with Master NinjaZone coaches Demonstrations and interactive Q&A with Ninja curriculum developers - Brainstorm and Planning sessions with the NinjaZone team of experts Ninja Games observation - Watch Ninjas from around Indianapolis take on a live Ninja Games! FOR OWNERS AND DIRECTORS: Engage with enthusiastic, experienced presenters and industry experts - Keynote speeches with Industry Experts Gather information on important key topics relating to running a NinjaZone program - Learn how to Level Up your already AWESOME Ninja program Meet and mingle with NinjaZone CEO, Casey Wright, and other Ninjas in the industry REGISTRATION INCLUDES: All business, education, and coaching sessions and demonstrations Collaboration opportunities with other Ninja staff and Master Coaches In-person observation of a Ninja Games event Free event t-shirt Main meals - Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday morning 2 in-person certifications NOVEMBER 10-12, 2023 REGISTER GET ON THE LIST TO LEARN ABOUT NINJACON! BOOK HOTEL SPONSORSHIP INFORMATION

  • Ninja Classes Worldwide | NinjaZone

    NinjaZone is a fusion of obstacle course training, gymnastics, parkour, and character building with the freedom for kids to progress and learn at their own pace. NINJA CLASSES LEARN MORE Classes Ninja Games Lil' Ninja Classes Birthday parties! Camps Ninja Team AS MENTIONED IN KIDS LOVE IT BUT WHY DO PARENTS? READ THE ANSWER WINNERS DRESS THE PART CLICK FOR UNIFORMS + MORE KEEP UP TO DATE WITH THE NINJAZONE! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUBMISSION We as parents have a finite amount of time to enrich our littles' lives with the experiences, skills, and tools to give them the best chance to thrive as they leave our nest. We can’t take that lightly. We only get so many birthday parties, vacations, sport seasons, and game nights. ​ Whether this is your first experience with kids' sports, or your 10th, I encourage to take a pause and think about what sports are for. In my decades of experience has an elite level coach, if there is one thing that I could change, it’s that parents and coaches alike, forget too quickly why they signed up in the first place. ​ FUN. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. FRIENDS. COORDINATION. FITNESS. This is why we are here. To give our littles the best foundation for their future. Every aspect of the NinjaZone program is intentional. From each class, to the move up mission, the mantra, to the Ninja Games… Every step of the way, we want this childhood experience to be remembered as an integral part of them as they grow. ​ In NinjaZone, their confidence is #1. We understand better than most, that an early positive experience is crucial. The strength, agility, skills, and coordination are just icing on the cake. Confidence is the pebble in the pond that gives them the belief that they’re good at hard stuff. They’ll learn to understand how their bodies move, and how to keep themself safe. They’ll learn that it’s okay to be afraid, and that mistakes are a part of learning. They’ll learn when it’s time to be “on stage” and when it’s time to be a good teammate. They’ll learn that challenges are celebrated and perfection is not. They’ll learn to think bigger. Here’s to raising the next generation happy, athletic, fun, & kind kids! Enjoy it! LETER FROM THE CEO CASEY WRIGHT "I can't imagine a better choice of where you can have your child invest their time" WHAT PARENTS ARE SAYING READ MORE! START HERE FIND A LOCATION What NinjaZone is All About LEARN MORE

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