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Indoor Games for When Outdoors is Lame (i.e. it's freezing)

Keeping high-energy kiddos entertained during the winter months can be, well, quite the challenge. The combination of colder weather, limited daylight, and the inevitable cabin fever can leave parents desperately searching for creative and engaging activities for their kiddos! You already know, we’ve got you covered! 

Here are some free and/or low-cost options to create some ninja fun at your home!

Challenge 1: Floor Maze- Make it through the obstacle course like a Ninja! 

  • PREP/SUPPLIES - Open Floor Space, Painter's Tape, Stuffies

Use the painter's tape and map out your obstacle course on the floor! Straight lines, zig-zags, x’s, boxes, arrows, dashes, you name it. Use stuffies or floor pillows to create obstacles to jump over or weave through.

painter's tape obstacle course

Challenge 2: Super Spidey Ninja - Sneak through the laser beams without getting caught! 

  • PREP/SUPPLIES - Hallway, Yarn/String/Streamers, Tape

Tape each piece of string/yarn to each side of the hallway walls creating a laser-like obstacle course. 

Challenge 3: Don’t Touch the Balloons - Crawl underneath and through the balloons without touching any of them!

  • PREP/SUPPLIES - Dining Room Table, Yarn/String, Tape, Balloons 

Use yarn and masking tape to attach the balloons to the underside of the table and have your kiddos crawl under without touching the balloons!  Up the ante and drape a  sheet over the table, give your kiddo a flashlight so they can make it through in the dark! 

Challenge 4: Touch All the Balloons - Run and jump and try to tap the hanging balloons.

  • PREP/SUPPLIES - Ceiling, Yarn/String, Tape, Balloons

Hang balloons by a string from your doorways or ceilings at different heights. Challenge your ninja to jump and tap it with their hand. See how many they can touch! You can even mark them with different numbers and keep score!

Alternative: Count how many they can touch one hanging balloon in a row without missing (they will feel the burn!). Up the ante by seeing if they can jump and touch the balloon with the top of their head!

Challenge 5: Jumpin’ Through Hoops - Jump from one hoop to the next without touching the floor outside of the hoop. 

  • PREP/SUPPLIES - Open Floor Space, Hula Hoops

Take your kiddo's collection of hula hoops and lay them on the floor in different patterns for them to jump through. Make it more challenging by spreading them further apart or by having them jump through on one leg! You can even switch it up and play hopscotch!

Challenge 6: Ninja Limbo - ninjas will crawl from one end to the other under the sticks without touching them. 

  • PREP/SUPPLIES - Chairs, Sticks/Brooms/Swiffers/Pool Noodles

Line up chairs across from one another and place your limbo sticks across them. Make it extra tricky by lowering the sticks each time they pass through! 

Challenge 7: Sweaty Ninja - Complete each exercise of the training circuit to get ready for their Ninja mission! 

  • PREP/SUPPLIES - Open Space, Paper, Marker, Stickers

Write down 5 - 10 movements (& reps)  on a piece of paper, spread them around the house, and have your ninja complete each exercise. Each ninja earns a sticker at each station! Movement Ideas: Jumping Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Hops, Squats, Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, Lunges, Star Jumps, High Knees, Burpees, etc. 

Challenge 8: It’s a Zoo in Here - Go from exhibit to exhibit and act like their favorite animals at the zoo! 

  • PREP/SUPPLIES - Open space, stuffies

Create animal-themed stations with their favorite stuffies! Set up exhibits (stations) and have your kiddo act and move like that animal from one end of the room to the other. Kids can hop like frogs, crawl like bears, slither like snakes, run like cheetahs… you get it!

Challenge 9: Puzzle Dash Flash - See how fast they can run to each puzzle piece (one at a time) as fast as they can and run back to the puzzle board to place the puzzle piece in the correct place until the puzzle is finished. 

  • PREP/SUPPLIES - Open Space, Small wooden puzzle (no more than 20 pieces), timer

Spread the puzzle pieces around the room and make a central home base for the puzzle board. You can even hide the pieces if you want! This one will get them moving, and their brain working at the same time! Win-win, baby!

Check out these flashcards you can print at home to help your little one choose which game they want to play!

Game flashcards
Download PDF • 5.08MB



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