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Ninja Activities: DIY Laser Maze

Don’t lie, you’re sick of your child being glued to the television or iPad screen.  Trying to pry this young generation from digital devices almost feels like an extra chore.  To be honest, it seems to be easier to allow them to just sink their little souls into their favorite TV shows for the day.

Ironically, the internet can be useful for stimulating the adult mind.  Thanks to, I was able to come across a cool idea that might help your child ignite some Ninja fun outside of Ninja class, and away from a screen.

This DIY Laser Maze is simple, affordable and yeah pretty entertaining (totally tried it out).

What you need:

  1. Brightly colored party streamers or string

  2. Tape

  3. Scissors

  4. A hallway

You will want to begin by cutting the streamers into strips no shorter than the width of the hallway.  Cut some longer too.  Next, begin to tape your streamer ends to either side of the hallway walls.  Tape them diagonally and horizontally, also make sure to intertwine and crisscross different streamers to create a challenge for your little Ninja.

Now let the makeshift Ninja stealth training commence!



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