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Ninjas Say the Darndest Things: A Look at the World Through the Eyes of Our Kids

Do you ever have a really good idea, then as it unfolds, you realize that it’s going to be better than expected? That’s basically how this blog post played out.

 Here at NinjaZone Headquarters, we were feeling truly inspired, and one day we decided to ask our kids how they would change the world.

What followed was pure, uncensored, and beautifully hilarious innocence from our kids. Enjoy.

Sophia, age 7.5:  “I’d tell people to pick up all the dog poop.”

Henry, age 5:  “I’d make a real video game for people to go in, and the whole world would be made of candy we could just eat. All houses are tree houses OR sandcastles with surf boards for doors.”

Georgia, age -1:  *Spits bubbles* (At the time of publishing, we’re not sure what this means.)

Charlotte, age 8:  “Animals wouldn’t be mean, and wouldn’t kill anyone. We could also eat all the food we wanted without getting a stomachache.”

Anissa, age 6:   “I’d get on the radio and tell all the people to do nice things. I’d say, ‘Hi everyone! Time to do nice things. Do things to help someone. I’m talking to moms, dads, brothers, sisters, doctors, everyone in the whole world!’”

Audrey, age 10:  “Make flying cars!”

Phoebe, age 12:  “Umm…make some realllllly cool robots.”

Matthew, age 5:  “Pick up trash and recycling, and make it look nicer!”

JP, age 3:  “Play Star Wars video games every day.”

Scarlet, age 6:  “All of the houses would have faces, and talk to me, and there would be a street named Scarlet. Oh, and I would live in a smoothie.”

Emmitt, age 7:  “I already make it a better place, because I don’t bully people.”

Oliver, age 2:  “I’d build a Ninja house, because I have all my swords!”



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