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10 Uncommon Sport Options For Your Child

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

We all know someone whose kid does ballet, soccer, basketball, softball, or swimming, but what if your child doesn’t like any of the mainstream sport options? There are plenty of sports that will help your little one get all the physical activity s/he needs without getting lost in the crowd. Here are a few options:

1. Equestrian Riding horses requires huge amounts of balance and coordination, but riders also develop great reflexes. What most parents forget, though, is that equestrian also comes with a great deal of responsibility for the rider. The athlete is required to groom, feed, saddle, brush, and care for the horse and stable. While it is considered an individual sport, athletes often develop a sense of community with each other.

2. Bowling Bowling obviously builds a lot of strength in the athlete, as well as hand-eye coordination. There is a large sense of community among bowlers within a league, and many high schools across the country are adopting the sport. While bowling is a sport, it requires a lot of mental energy and focus, and it teaches math skills. 3. Archery One major attraction to archery for a lot of families is its versatility in being both an indoor and outdoor sport. This is perfect no matter where in the world you live! Athletes build a variety of muscles as well as skills in focus, self-determination, and coordination. 4. Water Sports All water sports require balance and coordination, but each sport differs in certain ways. For example, rowing provides a whole body workout and teaches teamwork. When your athlete is sailing a boat, s/he must learn communication skills to keep the boat afloat. Keep in mind: your child’s participation in water sports depends on your geographical location. 5. Fencing Fencing emphasizes agility, coordination, and use of reflexes. Many call it as mentally stimulating as a game of chess, so you know your child is getting a brain and body workout. Plus, you’re giving your kid a sword-like object to use in a controlled environment; that’s bound to make someone happy! 6. Rugby While rugby is more popular on different continents around the world, it is just gaining popularity in North America. While rugby obviously builds strength, it also enhances endurance and coordination, not to mention teamwork. Like bowling, many schools are adding rugby as an athletic option. 7. Golf Your child could be the next Jordan Spieth, but you won’t know until you sign him/her up for classes. Golf requires immense amounts of coordination, patience, focus, and strength. Bonus exercise if you ban riding in the golf cart and have your kid walk all 9-18 holes!



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