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50 At Home Activities to do with Kids

Are you stuck in the house and have no idea how to keep your kid entertained? Well have no fear, the Ninjas are here with 50 activities to do at home. And of course, you can tweak these ideas to make them your own and fit your needs! So, take these activities and start having some fun at home!

  1. Have a scavenger hunt

  2. Blow bubbles

  3. Decorate a picture frame

  4. Play hide and seek

  5. Wash the car

  6. Start a garden

  7. Tie-dye a Tshirt

  8. Camp out in the backyard

  9. Have an egg-toss

  10. Build a couch fort

  11. Have a dance party

  12. Make a homemade pizza

  13. Write a story

  14. Film your own action movie

  15. Make your own puzzle

  16. Put together a puzzle

  17. Make paper airplanes and race them

  18. Cloud watch

  19. Make your own slime

  20. Make a bird feeder

  21. Have a water balloon fight

  22. Make a house out of cardboard boxes

  23. Make popsicles

  24. Draw chalk murals in the driveway

  25. Bake some cupcakes

  26. Decorate cookies

  27. Play some board games

  28. Try to learn some magic tricks

  29. Act like the floor is lava

  30. Make a friendship bracelet

  31. Put up a lemonade stand

  32. Learn origami

  33. Learn how to hula hoop

  34. Act out a book

  35. Play dress up

  36. Try different foods

  37. Have a movie night

  38. Create cards for family and friends

  39. Write a song

  40. Design and create bookmarks

  41. Make sock puppets

  42. Create a secret language

  43. Make a paper chain

  44. Make your own coloring pages

  45. Make shadow puppets

  46. Read Minute Mysteries

  47. Play charades

  48. Have a picnic in the backyard

  49. Make boats out of paper and see if they can float

  50. Go and dance in the rain!


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