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Coaching Tips: How to Best Motivate Children

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Ninja Coaches are special people. Special because they bring out a confidence in kids that really didn’t know they had. Pulling this ability out of kids is not an easy task, but Trainers make it look easy. Here are a few tips from ninjaZone Coaches that will help kids obtain that awesome sense of grit that NinjaZone kids are famous for.

1. Get down at eye level.

Help kids realize you are there and 100% invested in them. 2. Check your ego at the door. 3. Challenge kids.

Challenge them, and encourage them to follow through. Every time they master a new skill, their confidence is boosted. 4. Know when to back off.

If you have a shy kid, don’t push them into something they’re not ready for. Give it a week. Try the same skill the next week, and this time, encourage them a bit more. Eventually, trust will be established, and you’ll see these kids flourish. 5. Get to know the kids.

If you know what their likes and dislikes are, they will be more likely to be encouraged to impress you, because you are a person that genuinely cares about them.

These tips are great for Ninja Coaches, but as a mother, it also helped me to realize how my own kids can thrive. I also sometimes need to be reminded to check my ego. I’m often amazed by Ninja Coaches, and their ability to encourage and motivate even the most rambunctious kids. I have seen teenage Trainers, and they manage to teach and guide kids just as well as their parents would. To me, that’s not teachable. That is a special person. That’s what Ninja Coaches are made of.


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