Keeping Your Kids Active for a Fit, Fun Summer

With summer almost here, kids are gearing up for a few months away from quizzes, homework and organized school activities. The season promises hours of free time and fewer responsibilities, but it can be easy for families to neglect regular physical activity in favor of fine-in-moderation activities like online time, TV, movies and video games. NinjaZone is dedicated to building active physical skills, confidence and social connection among our Ninjas, and we’ve seen firsthand the massive difference that regular physical activity can make in a child’s life.

So, how can parents make sure that their kids have a summer of fun and physical activity? With a few simple approaches, you can help make sure your kids stay active until the school year begins again.

Less Screen Time

With less structure and more free time, it can be easy for children to spend more time than they should interacting with screens of all types. Unfortunately, while these screens provide an easy way to spend time, they have been linked to attention problems, obesity and trouble sleeping at night. While allowing your child to spend time watching their favorite movies or shows is fine in moderation, planning screen-related activities ahead of time and substituting outdoor activities can both reduce any negative effects of excessive screen use and increase total time spent outdoors.

More Play Dates and Meetups

Physical activity improves health and physical fitness, but for kids, physical activity can also be a great opportunity to ensure that they make friendships and connections, and continue to develop socially. Play dates structured around activities like biking or going to the park ensure that time spent with friends is also time spent staying active. For older children, encouraging them to stay in contact with their friends and offering assistance like giving rides to physically-oriented activities can have a similar effect.

Make Activity Time Family Time

Even the most active of children can have difficulty thinking of new activities to keep them active during summer. Finding ideas for physical activities as a family and setting the agenda takes the pressure off and provides structure for kids looking for something fun to do. Going for a walk or family bike ride, as well as participating in sports like basketball or catch together, are great ways to have fun and connect as a family while making sure that your kids get the physical activity they need. This method is also good for parents looking to become a bit more active, too!

Make Sure it Stays Fun

Finding the right activity for your child to participate in might take some time; different children have different personalities, and will prefer different physical activities. For some, running and swimming might be perfect. For others, biking and baseball. NinjaZone is dedicated to making exercise fun, providing an environment where children want to stay active because of the experience they have and the memories that they make. Making sure that they enjoy the activity that they do is worth the investment in trying out multiple options, as they will want to continue exercising.

The summer is a special time for kids, full of memories, playtime and fun. We love seeing kids staying active and having a good time, and we hope that with a few simple changes, you’ll be able to find the right balance for your family.

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