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“My kid is going to be the next...”

It’s been uttered more times than we could ever count. Heck, it’s probably being said right now! This mindset and similar ones can lead to children and parents pushing to specialize in one sport. Early sport specialization is on the rise and is now beginning to affect even the youngest of athletes in hopes of gaining the competitive edge. However, numerous studies and experts suggest that participating in multiple sports actually offers a range of benefits that can lead to more well-rounded, healthier, and ultimately more successful athletes and humans!  

Did you know? Fewer than 2 percent of NCAA student-athletes go on to be professional athletes. (

Here’s why your athlete should consider embracing a multi-sport experience:

1. Lower Risk of Overuse Injuries - Playing multiple sports allows athletes to develop different muscle groups and reduces the stress being put on specific parts of the body over and over again. This variation helps prevent injuries and ensures a more balanced physical development.

2. Diversify Athletic Skills - Different sports emphasize different skills–coordination, agility, strength, endurance, etc. etc. Participating in multiple sports allows athletes to diversify their skills. 

3. Mental Resilience - Different challenges and environments foster adaptability. They are exposed to a wider range of scenarios, strategies, and dynamics, which only strengthens their problem-solving abilities and mental toughness! 

4. Avoiding Burnout - Do you like doing the same thing over and over and over again? Maybe, but chances are, probably not. Plus, the intense pressure and focus put on one singular sport can make an athlete fall out of love with it. Their passion for sport can be maintained by keeping things fresh and exciting by being introduced to new sports! 

5. Greater Social Development - This may have not even crossed your mind but, different sports = different social circles. That means your kid will have built a broader network of friends and mentors leading to better social, teamwork, and communication skills. Learning to interact with diverse groups of people is so beneficial on and off the field! 

6. Long-Term Success - Research indicates that multi-sport athletes are more likely to achieve long-term success. Many professional athletes attribute their success to playing multiple sports during their youth. The diverse skill set provides a solid foundation for excelling later in life.. no matter what that might be! 

7. Discovering Their True Passion - Giving them the opportunity to try different sports allows them to discover what they are genuinely passionate about. This can lead to a more fulfilling and enjoyable athletic career… wherever that might lead!

Mom… Dad… here’s how you can help … 

  • Encourage Variety

  • Balance Schedules

  • Educate Benefits

  • Support Interests

  • Positive Reinforcement

At NinjaZone, we love when kiddos come to us to explore something new, broaden their athletic abilities, cross-train, or even as their intro into athletics! The skills your child will undoubtedly gain will transfer over to any sports they choose to pursue! 

Bottom Line: Encouraging your athlete to explore various sports can provide them with the tools they need for a balanced, rewarding and successful athletic journey! 



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