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New Year. Same Family. New Process.

So, the time has come once again. The time for resolutions, promises, changes, and the proverbial turning over of new leaves.

What does that mean for you? What does it mean for your kids? What does it mean for your family?

Do you have the best intentions, but deep down, you know that there’s a good chance life will get in the way, and your resolutions will fall by the wayside?

Check it. I’m here to tell you to throw it all out the window. Statistics support staggering numbers, which show most people don’t hang with their own resolutions.

Solution? Don’t make them. Instead, make a monthly goal calendar. But the kicker is this: MAKE IT NOW.

If you only go one month at a time, you may be a totally kick-ass person who really has it together and will update it monthly.

Orrrrr…. you might be like me. I need to have it mapped out ahead of time, or it’s not happening. Just bein’ honest.

I am sharing my New Year’s plan with you. Feel free to take it, copy it, change it, or just use it as a template. Whatever works for you. Or, ya know, don’t use it at all. This won’t work for everyone, but I have found this to be an excellent way to make resolutions stick. I’m basically psyching myself out, and I’m totally ok with that.

The goals I am looking to achieve for my FAMILY for 2024:

  1. Keep the kids active.

  2. Eat healthier.

  3. Increase my family’s water intake.

  4. Go on vacation.

  5. Eat at home more, and eat dinner before 8 pm! This is gonna be rough…

Here is how I am mapping out my calendar:

I have a Google calendar set up for my 2024 goals. It’s free. It’s simple. No excuses. Some events are set to reoccur. Some are one-timers. Some have the flexibility to be moved if necessary.

I have shared this calendar with my spouse, and I will have it pulled up every day when I sign onto my laptop. I have set reminders to pop up at me so I can’t ignore anything!

My recurring calendar events:

  1. Every 2 weeks on Friday, I’ll order my groceries online. I’ll pick it up on Saturday. This allows me to shop from my computer and stay home with the kids. It also saves us a trip to the grocery with 2 kids in tow.

  2. Every Monday and Wednesday: Cook a crockpot meal for dinner.

  3. Every Monday: How much water did we drink over the weekend? If I haven’t changed the water cooler bottle since before Friday, we’re not drinking enough!  

  4. Every Saturday: Dinner out with the family, no excuses.

  5. One Saturday a month: Date night among adults, no excuses

  6. Every Friday: Take $40 out of the account. Put in an envelope for vacation spending money.

Additional dates per month:

  1. Jan: Set a reminder on the 15th to assess progress so far. Must check myself before I wreck myself. 

  2. Feb: The new gym schedule should now be routine. Set reminders for gut checks.

  3. Mar: Pick a date during the month have a freezer meal party and get new recipes.

  4. April: Start looking into summer camps for the kids to keep them busy.

  5. May: Set a reminder to start planning a vacation: book a hotel, plan a budget, and figure out travel plans.

  6. June: Be intentional. Set up an overnight date with the hubs. The. kids. will. be. fine. with. grandma. for. a. night.

  7. July: Back to school next month—take a long weekend for family time.

  8. Aug: Progress check—ready for the holidays?!

  9. Sept: Pick a date for another freezer meal party. The last one was fun, and I love to entertain!

  10. Oct: Vacation! Praise the Lord and pass the biscuits…we’re outta here.

  11. Nov: Reminder to set up 2 dates to give back to the community or volunteer this month.#ninjasgiveback

  12. Dec: Reevaluate the year: how can I switch it up for next year?

Happy New Year, friends! Let us know what you are up to in 2024!



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