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Refocusing Energy in Kids Through Sport

Updated: Nov 3, 2023


What does that even mean? “Refocusing energy?” So, here’s the thing. Let’s say you’re a high-spirited kid. You are taken to a go-cart track, and told to “go have fun.” What do you think happens next? You’ll most likely hop into a go-cart without a helmet, without instructions, and without any concept of the possibility of negative consequences. What could happen next? Probably a crash.

Now, let’s say you’re still the same high-spirited kid, but this time, before you’re told to “go have fun,” you listen to the safety instructor’s directions, put on a helmet, and understand the machine you’re about to drive. Consequence? You actually. have. fun.

In the second instance, your energy was refocused. See what I did there? Instead of being permitted to find out how to operate a go-cart on your own, you were given the proper instruction to stay safe. The same can go for sports.

In a gymnastics setting, kids are given the ultimate playground: a gym full of bars, mats, foam pits, and trampolines. Instead of running through the gym like, *ahem* banshees (yikes),  their energy is REFOCUSED during a class. How does this benefit kids? A few things happen:

  1. Kids are able to calm themselves easier. 

  2. Kids are able to communicate better. 

  3. Kids are much more focused and receptive to learning. 

Why do you think recess is a necessity for school-age kids? So they can run off their energy and focus in school. Although, um…it’s also possible that the teachers need a break just as much as the kids. I mean, I’m just guessing…


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