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You Know You Have a High Energy Child When…

Our kids are awesome! The high energy ones? Awesome in a much more enthusiastic way! I love my high energy kids. Life would be so boring without them…although, I’d probably be less caffeinated. Here are some silver linings for long days that may seem to never end, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

You know you have a high energy child when…

  1. You try to keep up, but you find yourself fizzling out around 2pm. Or noon. Or 11am. Gahh…give me all the coffee.

  2. You find yourself saying, “Honey, the dog doesn’t want to go out and jump on the trampoline with you.”

  3. You have to brace yourself like a football player getting ready to be tackled, when you go in for a hug from your kid. No complaints here, though. I’m kind of ok getting knocked over, if I get a hug out of it. 🙂

  4. All you want to do is push your three year old on the swings that the park, but he taught himself how to pump his legs when he was in the womb.

  5. Parents are celebrating their kids first steps, and your kid is running circles around them…and they’re the same age.

  6. Your kids are never bored, because they love to make their own fun! Unless they’re in the car for more than, like, five minutes. Then, it’s game on.

  7. If it’s quiet in the house, something’s up (ok, this is all kids, but ya know…).

  8. You jokingly say, “I need to run five laps around the house!” after Thanksgiving dinner, but your kids don’t know you’re not serious, and they immediately challenge you to a race.

  9. You thought you had sweet dance moves, but you realize your kid can seriously kill it to some Justin Timberlake in the back seat. In a five-point harness.

  10. You can’t figure out how a little person that moves sooo fast usually, can eat their meal sooo sloowww…

  11. Your kid walks out of your closet in a pair of heels that you thought died with your 80’s bangs.

  12. Your weekly bartering system always starts and ends with a promise to go to the park later (I always follow through…they sleep so well at night after they’ve ran around in the fresh air!).

So even if you’ve had “one of those days,” remember that there’s always a silver lining. If you’re struggling to find one, hunker down, pray for daylight, grab a glass of wine, and know that you’re only a day away from another shot. If all else fails, grab a hug from your kids. Maybe it’ll knock you down and you’ll remember that as parents, no matter the struggles, we wouldn’t change a thing.



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