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3 Ways Ninja Games Changes Face of Kids Sporting Events

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Ninja Games Youth Sports

The Ninja Games – a new sporting event geared to young kids and foundational athletics,  has done it. A  well-needed face lift for youth sports competitions. It took a new sport to do it, and Ninja Sport is taking the US by storm, and here’s why…

Welcome to the weekend in suburbia… Two working parents, four kids, three different sporting events, two birthday parties, backed up laundry, and 18 other things I’ve already forgotten. Putting kids in sports is like 1/2 the reason we have them, right? Joking… but it’s certainly an important part of childhood.  As parents, we want them have fun, get exercise, learn,  develop life skills, and find their passion. Expecting my seven year old to know if she wants be a collegiate gymnast is about as realistic as my first college major. But the fact is, if our children love it, we’ll do whatever it takes.

In the case of my happy-go-lucky 5 year old, she likes anything with other kids involved. This tells me that as a parent, I’m at least able to control the options she’s going to choose from in finding her “thing”.  As parents,  we need other another option. Until my kids are mature enough to really understand risks vs reward of highly competitive sports, I want a sport option that provides a solid a character and athletic foundation for them that doesn’t suck our family dry of every evening, weekend, and penny in our bank accounts. Oh, and if it was entertaining, that would be pretty great too!


This is a FUN time. Families are encouraged to cheer loudly as the Ninjas make their way through their scenes of climbing, flipping, kicking, and strength. The kids faces are priceless as you see them focus on their challenges.


Lights, music, sideline reporting with elementary school kids is flat-out fun. Watching your child shine is even better. The Ninja Games are run with the intent of being a performance. Putting our sons and daughters on an athletic stage teaches them great things about learning to control nerves, adrenaline, and all those feelings we get as adults when we have to speak in front of a crowd.


The Ninja Games take into consideration that there are parents out there who aren’t willing to give up family time to spend days on end at baseball tournaments, or 5 hour stints on bleachers. A limited number of practices and competitions all controlled by the governing body N.S.I. (Ninja Sport International). Oh, and competitions are set to be only 90min in length!

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