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Diversify Your Y... M-C-A!

Attention all YMCA decision makers and leaders... this one's for you!

The YMCA has long been a trusted community partner, granting opportunities for families all around the US and beyond to improve their health and well-being. BUT, that doesn't mean there hasn't been challenges along the way.

At NinjaZone, we’ve partnered with hundreds of community centers, gyms and YMCAs (40+) around the country to launch and scale successful youth programs following our proven process. Through these ninja endeavors, we've spoken to A LOT of YMCA leaders and they've all expressed two common challenges. Can you guess what they are? Take a second. Think about it. Ok, let's go... Two of the Y's biggest challenges: 1. Diversifying offerings to set themselves apart from the competition, and 2. Capitalizing on underutilized space. Yep, we thought these might have sounded familiar. Geesh, wouldn’t it be nice to provide a great experience for your community that engages them, doesn’t require a ton of effort, utilizes your square footage and has high-margin operations???

Oh boy, do we have a solution for youth programming that will TRULY be a game-changer for your community center. Que, NinjaZone.

You might be wondering, so, what is NinjaZone? We’re so glad you asked! NinjaZone is a super-dynamic program that blends elements of gymnastics, parkour, tricking, and obstacle course racing. BUT… that’s not all! We’ve made it our mission to empower kiddos of all ages to push their limits, focus their energy, build confidence, and have a blast doing it! This mind/body connection is crucial for every child’s lifelong development. 

OK, so why NinjaZone? NinjaZone is training, educating, and teaching ninjas how to flip in over 250 gyms worldwide and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! We have committed ourselves to supporting centers like yours, families, athletes, and coaches by seeing the program through their eyes: what it means to them, what it looks like, and where it’s going. 

Here’s what we mean by that:

Parents: Through unparalleled brand strength and top-notch marketing strategies, there’s zero question that their child is in capable hands. We understand parents' desires for their children to achieve their goals, gain confidence, and, most importantly, have fun! (Spoiler alert: If it’s not fun, it doesn’t stick!)

Coaches: Our sustainable training systems make staff transitions a breeze, ensuring continuity and excellence in coaching. Additionally, our supportive ninja coach community fosters collaboration, growth, and a shared passion for empowering ninjas to reach their full potential! 

Decision Makers & Business Owners: We prioritize the individual needs of each center, offering tailored solutions to convert underutilized spaces into thriving opportunities. Programming that not only meets the demand for enrichment activities but also enhances the center's appeal, upping the coolness factor and attracting a broader audience.

Kids: All ninjas are celebrated–whether they're beginners just starting their movement journey or seasoned ninjas mastering advanced techniques. Kids get hooked on NinjaZone, in large part, due to gamified programming that turns physical activity into a real-life video game! How sweet is that?!

We believe wholeheartedly that NinjaZone aligns perfectly with the YMCA’s mission to promote health, wellness, and community by providing innovative and high-quality programming. We're excited about the impact it will have on your members, families, kiddos and beyond!

Ready to learn even more? Book a discovery call today!

📍NinjaZone Racquetball Court @ Littleton YMCA, Denver, CO!

The Y just got even more fun! Be safe, have fun and ninja on!


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