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Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course Ideas for Kids!

Ready to ditch the cold weather and leave cabin fever in the dust? Yeah, us too! How about a good old fashioned obstacle your driveway?! It’s so tried and true, and is one of the most versatile tools you can have in your back pocket as a parent this spring & summer… and beyond! Plus, you’ll get cool points for dayzzz. Oh, and the clean-up? Easy peasy!

We must say, making it is half the fun! So grab some chalk & some friends, head outside and let your imagination run wild!

Here's some sidewalk chalk inspo for your epic obstacle course! Okay, Let's goooo!

Ready for more?! Here's some quick and easy add-ins for your course that are sure to keep your kiddo(s) movin!

Playing outside just got way more fun! Be safe, have fun and ninja on!


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