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Focused Energy: The Key to Productivity

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Something that we talk a lot about here at NinjaZone is the idea of Focused Energy.  As parents, we know better than most about the INSANE amount of energy that our little ones have.  But what if I told you that if we figured out a way to embrace that energy into productive mental and physical activities, that can set the foundation for a lifetime of personal growth and productivity?  What could you do if you had as much energy as your little boy?

Focused Energy

At NinjaZone, we embrace that energy and burn it off in a high energy workout that builds the bodies and minds of our young athletes. Through the Ninja Sport, we use techniques that teach kids how to take all of that built up energy and focus it like a laser on the task at hand, whether it’s a Ninja Kick or a school project. With their bodies tired, their minds are more receptive, attentive, and able to learn

Each class ends with the Ninja Mantra which reminds the students of our core Ninja Values of Focused Energy, Work Ethic, and Self Responsibility. It’s our goal to build relationships with our athletes, parents, and families that will allow the kids to take these lessons home and use them in all of the challenges that life will throw at them. 

NinjaZone is so much more than a way to wear out your kids for an hour, although that is definitely a perk! NinjaZone is about development. It’s about using the Ninja Sport and the ideas of goal setting, competition, and physical activity as tools to build more productive kids that will be able to succeed in life, just as much as in the gym. 

No NinjaZones in your area? Contact your local gymnastics club tell them to get with the program! 

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