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Gymnastics and Parkour: Growing the Cognitive Development of Active Kids

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Cognitive learning and listening skills are key abilities that are built in most children, from a very young age. While it’s true that kids are all different, and you will never find two kids that are exactly alike, studies have shown that children involved in gymnastics or parkour share a common trait: their cognitive learning and listening abilities are well refined. Here are a few key points to consider:

1. Children involved in gymnastics or parkour exhibit stimulated interests with a range of activities within a class session.

2. There are multiple studies equated to the amount of screen time a child should be exposed to daily. When kids are in the gym, they can’t help themselves but to move and exercise. Even if they are in the gym for one activity on a weekly basis, it is still one less hour that they could potentially spend in front of a device, where they may not receive any one-on-one interaction.

3. Gymnastics and parkour test a child’s physical abilities, thus building grit and confidence.

4. A safe environment provides children with a literal and physical soft place to fall. While children inherently want to jump, run, and flip, a gym provides the correct setting for these activities, and children’s interests are heightened, knowing that they are being encouraged to jump and play in a safe, disciplined, and controlled environment.

5. Social skills are at their peak when kids are in the gym. They’re encouraging classmates, and being cheered on by coaches. They are gaining confidence with each session, and blossoming into capable and interactive kids. Their listening and learning skills are being honed, and they are engaging with others as they learn new skills.

While it’s true that kids benefit from all athletics and sports, there is something special about a gym. The enthusiasm and desire to learn are palpable. The chalk, the sweat, the energy, and the work ethic are more than just observations to an outsider. They are the heart of the gym.



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