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Impact Sports Center: $215,000 in 1 Year, NinjaZone Waitlist of Over 100

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Over the past year, NinjaZone programs have spread throughout the world into a variety of different locations and environments, serving a diverse group of children. Impact Sports Center is a NinjaZone member club located in Lodi, California, a  farming community of approximately 70,000. With a number of competitors in the neighboring towns, Impact Sports Center was looking to set itself apart from their peers, leading them to NinjaZone.

We asked Shane Harden, Owner of Impact Sports Center, to give us his take on this whole NinjaZone program and tell us his story. Here’s what he had to say:

“It was one year ago today that we launched NinjaZone in our gym. This was the the biggest program we had ever launched in our history and it took 4 months of hard work by my managers and staff to pull it all together before the first Ninja walked through the front door. I am so stinking proud of my team. We were so nervous.

Impact Sports Center 2

NinjaZone has come SO FAR in one year. When we launched, there was not even a single training video available. All we had was a binder (that was very well put together, though) that described the skills and lesson plans. LOL!

We had around 25 boys in our existing boys program and we converted them all but 1 into Ninjas. Then, through a series of marketing emails and social media posts, we created a monster of a program and we have never looked back.


Today, we have 260 ninjas enrolled in 42 classes (shhhh….a few classes have 7 Ninjas enrolled. Don’t tell anybody) and we have a current waitlist over over 120 trying to get in. We have a total enrollment of just under 1100 kids. We just got a Ninja in yesterday that has been trying to get in since February.

Impact Sports Center 1

Effective January 1st, we are discontinuing Birthday Parties on Saturday so that we can convert those 5 hours into more floor space for classes. Projections show that we will add 14 more Ninja classes which will allow 70 more Ninjas! My goal is 350 Ninjas enrolled by the end of THIS year.

Regrets? Yes!

My biggest regret is pricing Ninja Zone the same as my gymnastics classes. NinjaZone is a PREMIUM PROGRAM and needs to priced accordingly. I want to be at $99 for a 1-hour Ninja Class and $60 for a 1/2 hour Lil’ Ninja Class. We are currently $74.50 and $58 (our current Lil’ Ninja classes are 45-minutes). So, In February, we are going to raise prices.

impact sports center 3

In one year, NinjaZone has contributed a little over $215,000 in NEW revenue since we launched. I think my ROI is ok on this program. LOL! There is not a single other program that a gym could put in their location that would even come close to NinjaZone. Period!

Not posting this to brag, I am posting this as as a THANK YOU to NinjaZone and its Leadership and the tireless efforts that this Company brings to market. Thank you all!

PS: I want to host the 1st NinjaCon!!!!!!!”


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