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NinjaZone Develops Lasting Skills in a Fun Forum

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

NinjaZone Kids Fun Jumping

There are only so many sports children can get involved with at age three or four. Soccer? Check. T-ball? Been there, done that. Tumbling? Yawn. What parents really want is something that is FUN and something that will get their kids MOVING.

NinjaZone to the rescue.

NinjaZone provides a place for kids to move with bodies in cool ways and offers skills they want to learn! The curriculum and the space are both specifically designed for optimal skill development and individual success making NinjaZone not just fun, but rewarding, as well.

NinjaZone students learn all sorts of physical skills such as flipping, tumbling, jumping, running, flexibility, and stamina but they also gain a number of valuable social and emotional skills as well.

The following skills transcend the gym into everyday school/home/work situations:

  1. Listening skills

  2. Turn taking and sharing

  3. Self-control and learning to focus energy to achieve specific, positive, and useful goals

  4. Incremental progress and delayed gratification. Learning a skill little by little making small progress over time until the skill is accomplished.

  5. Being part of a team or community; Learning good citizenship

  6. Demonstrating pro-social behavior

Students enrolled in NinjaZone classes have a forum to do cool things they want to do, while learning the important skills of perseverance, work ethic, and grit. These skills lead to more confidence, greater achievement and higher self-esteem, which then translates into success in school/life.

NinjaZone coaches report their students tend to be good in school, good at time management, and leaders in school and later in life, at work. The combination of knowing what they are made of, not being afraid of hard work, deferred gratification being good team members are a recipe for success.


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