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Simple Ways to Bring out the Grit in Your Child

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

NinjaZone Grit

“Do not ask your children what they want to be when they grow up. Instead, ask them what problems they would like to solve, if they could.”

I want my kids to know that they can do anything. They don’t have to be an employee. They can be their own boss. They can create. They don’t have to be typecast into a role in their lives, just based on something they’re good at. They can do whatever they want! I want my kids to have that spunk. The spark. The GRIT.

What are some SIMPLE things we can do to inspire grit in our kids?! There are so many things we can do, but these are incredibly simple things that we can do in our adult world, to tweak the kid experience in their world.

  • Assign household jobs… it encourages pride in what kids do.

  • Allow kids to make mistakes… it means they’re learning.

  • Teach good manners… it encourages them to be respectful to others.

  • Give heartfelt compliments… kids need to know when they’re on the right path, and when they’re doing an awesome job.

  • Allow kids to make decisions… it boosts confidence.

  • Remain positive…it’s contagious.

  • Encourage kids’ interests… find something they’re good at and help them thrive.

  • Promote thinking and problem solving… with every problem solved on their own, their confidence is boosted.

  • Allow kids to spend quality time among adults… seeing the behavior of adults and observing the adult world helps kids to interact with grown-ups in addition to their parents and teachers.

  • Volunteer with your kids… it teaches selflessness.

  • Be friendly to new people you meet and introduce your kids… be the example that you would like your kids to follow.

Give your kids the opportunity to get some GRIT!



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