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Activities to Strengthen Mind & Body in Kids

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

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Physical activities for children build learning, self-esteem, and a sense of self-worth

Scholarly research in recent years found physical activity in children is associated with increased self-concept and self-worth. Putting children in activities to improve their health also improved their minds and how they view themselves in the world.

As parents, isn’t that what we all want?

The part many parents miss is how to present these physical activities. Should we place our 5-year-old in competitive settings with 8-year-olds to build “toughness?” Should be spent tens of thousands of dollars traveling the country so we can say our child plays “travel ball?”

Breaking the bank and arguing with coaches in the name of competition is all too common. What parents should strive for is a healthy, fun way for children to exercise, learn new skills and develop as a person both physically and mentally.

This developmental focus is what NinjaZone offers children from the time they can walk until age 11.

Improved Sense of Self

Self-esteem is defined as a person’s subjective evaluation of self. Simply, it’s what we think of ourselves. It’s important to build this within children because what they think about themselves and their potential will have a lasting effect.

Successful interactions with peers and adults and healthy physical activity can help build self-esteem in children. Think about all the fun you had playing as a child. What you don’t always remember are the skills and successes from those simple times and what they mean for you today.

New Skills, New Confidence

When your child masters a new activity, skill or completes a project, they develop confidence and self-esteem. Pride in accomplishment and overcoming obstacles is something we carry all our lives.

Building Strong Bones and Muscles

A healthy lifestyle can also help your child’s self-assessment. By building stronger bones and muscles and improving motor skills and coordination, your child will see greater potential than ever before.

Escape the pressure and overwhelming nature of pushing your child into sports they don’t enjoy. And if they do love playing sports, they can find more of what will help them succeed at NinjaZone.

NinjaZone classes help children build their minds, as well as their bodies. At NinjaZone, your child finds the benefits of a physically active lifestyle while also having fun and becoming more disciplined, focused at the same time.

Find a location near you today and watch your child build his or her mind and body in a healthy way!


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