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Ninja Nutrition: Pizza Bagels!

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Ninja Nik’s favorite pastime? Being a Ninja. His second favorite? Eating.

Here are some delicious recipes that Nik came up with himself, and are a great opportunity for kids to join adults in the kitchen! Have the kids pull a stool up to the counter if they need it, and enjoy a Ninja Nutrition Party! Just try not to eat it all as you go…Nik’s stealthy sneaky-food-grabbing Ninja moves keep mom on her toes! Hii-yah!

Nik’s BBQ Chicken Pizza Bagels

  • 4 100% whole wheat bagels (Or Thomas’ Bagel Thins are amazing too!)

  • 1 cup BBQ of your choice

  • ½ cup pizza or spaghetti sauce

  • 2 cups reduced fat mozzarella cheese

  • Grated parmesan cheese to taste

  • Handful of cilantro (optional)

  • 2 cups shredded chicken (Nik here—My mom got a rotisserie chicken from the store, and she let me get my hands all messy when we shredded it!)

  • ½ cup diced red onion

Preheat oven to 375° degrees. Lay out bagels or bagel thins with cut side up on a cookie sheet. Once preheated, toast the bagels for 3 minutes. While the bagels are toasting, shred the chicken and then toss it in the BBQ sauce. Spread a THIN layer of pizza sauce on the bagels (too much makes them soggy and goopy). Top with mozzarella cheese and sprinkle on parmesan cheese, if desired. Sprinkle onions on top of the cheese, then add the chicken tossed in the BBQ sauce. Bake until cheese is melted and chicken is heated through. Serve immediately, and top with finely chopped cilantro, if desired.

Ninjas, EAT!


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