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Ninjas + Soft Skills

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Math, reading, science, and social studies — all hugely important and things we’re seeing on our childrens’, and ninjas’, homework, no doubt. But what about the other stuff — communication, relating with others, and self-discipline. You know, the soft stuff. How important is it that our kids be introduced to and surrounded by challenges that flex those muscles? Here at NinjaZone, there are fundamental skills we’re instilling and developing in your kids far beyond physical toughness.

NinjaZone Soft Skills

Here are just a few of them:

Social Skills — We encourage all ninjas to root each other on! Through regular interaction with their peers, your ninja is learning how to relate to people their own age, as well as how to greet and interact with their coaches and people outside of their immediate family, peers, and adults. Manners — We believe the best ninjas have the kindest manners. It’s something we encourage and recognize each time a young person flexes that kind of muscle, whether with their peer or coach. Communication — Through regular interaction with their coaches, your ninja is learning how to get their point across clearly and concisely. We’re helping curb or eliminate things like mumbling, hands in or over the mouth, slouched posture, and averted eyes. Listening — A large part of the NinjaZone curriculum requires listening. That’s time without electronics or other distractions, where your ninja is tuned in and their listening caps are on. Empathy — When your ninja sees another facing a challenge, they’re building their empathy. Whether it's your child or another that skill may not come so easily to, our kids are quick to give each other a boost, offer words of encouragement, and boost each other to the point of conquering! Here are more ways you can work on this important life skill at home!

Self Control — Isn’t this a skill we could all actively work on improving? When involved in NinjaZone, your kids are actively monitoring and utilizing self-control, whether it be through limiting their level of distraction, using their body and mind to achieve the task at hand, or otherwise. Self-Esteem/Self-Confidence — No one is born with esteem coming out of their ears, it’s developed over time. Our ninjas learn to take pride in their accomplishments and realize their level of worth and ability. Need more help on building self-confidence? Here are 12 more ways!

NinjaZone Confidence Kids

Want to help us develop these skills even more? If you’re a parent, ask your ninja or their coach how they’re doing in these areas. Recognize and verbalize when you’re seeing them positively empathize with others or demonstrate great listening skills. Offer praise when they seem proud about an accomplishment or when you know they’ve worked hard and practiced at something. Having happy, healthy, well-rounded kids is in everyone’s best interest and something we stand behind you on achieving.


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