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3 Ways to Grow Your Child’s Love for Fitness

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

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Today’s children have so many choices of activities to fill their days, but some of those options can lead to serious negative health impacts. A sedentary lifestyle of sitting in front of a screen while munching on processed snacks can really affect a child’s physical and mental health! A sedentary life can lead to future health problems like obesity, heart disease, and an increased risk for anxiety and depression, but how do we make fitness more fun? 

There are so many obstacles that can stand in the way of getting your little ninjas up and active. Organized sports for elementary students are not typically run through schools, and knowing which ones to choose can be a hard decision! Plus if you add in the scheduling nightmare of different locations and activities for children of different ages it can quickly become overwhelming for parents. But it doesn’t have to be!

Here are 3 simple ways to help build a foundation of wellness and fun for your young children.

1. Make it Fun

Gamify fitness time by creating goals and challenges for your ninja. You can involve the yard toys you already have or head to the park and use the equipment there as an obstacle course! Get involved in playgroups in your area. Being in playgroups can help with a ninja’s confidence, communication, and gets them active with their peers. Social time for your kids is essential for their development into strong, outgoing ninjas!

2. Be Active Together

Being active together helps model healthy behaviors for your ninja! It can be a planned activity together like a hike, bike ride, or walk around your neighborhood. Or it can be impromptu play like a game of tag after mowing the lawn or a dance party while cooking dinner! Use tools like pedometers or activity trackers to challenge each other to move more throughout the day. You might find that your child is setting an example of how you can get active too!

3. Find What They Love

There are so many ways to get active! Introduce new toys into your fitness play, or come up with new games and concepts to challenge your child. Start with activities your child already loves and make connections between those and new activities your ninja is trying. Does your ninja love football? Show them how dance can make them even lighter on their feet! Does your ninja swing around the monkey bars with too much ease? Try something new like a ninja gym to challenge them. Don’t put fences on their fun – let them try and fail. It will build grit and help them find their passions, something we believe in at NinjaZone.

By making a commitment to a more active lifestyle as a family, you’re showing your children that healthy living isn’t just important – it’s fun too! The behaviors and habits that you teach your ninjas will carry them forward into young adulthood and beyond. It’s a great opportunity for bonding and ensuring you all will live longer & healthier lives.

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