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8 Ways to be a Successful Ninja!

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

There is so much more to our Ninjas than being strong, healthy, and having the ability to flip off the wall like a boss. Our Ninjas are polite. They are respectful. They are focused.

NinjaZoen Ninja Kid wristband

How are NinjaZone Ninjas successful? They do 8 key things. Whether you’re a parent, coach, or NINJA, take heed:

1. Ninjas listen.

In class, at home, and at school.

2. Ninjas embrace the hard stuff.

They aren’t afraid to fail, and if they do, they dust themselves off and try again.

3. Ninjas are focused.

Whatever a Ninja does, he starts at 100%, and works his way UP. Ninjas never give up.

4. Ninjas are respectful to each other and adults.

They know the value of friendships and understand their role in relationships with the adults in their life.

5. Ninjas separate work vs. play.

They know when they’re in school, it’s time to focus. When it’s time for recess, it’s time to play. They do this while still continuing to embrace items 1-4 on this list.

6. Ninjas don’t take themselves too seriously.


7. Ninjas help each other succeed.

They support each other and lift each other up.

8. Ninjas have manners.

They are polite and set a great example for others.

Why are we so proud of our Ninjas? This list is why. We are literally TURNING ENERGY INTO AMBITION…ONE AWESOME KID AT A TIME. Here at NZ Corporate, we are proud of the work we do, the accomplishments that our Ninja kids are turning out, and the fact that we can rest our heads at night knowing that we are changing the world. We thank our club owners, trainers, parents, and most importantly: the kids.

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