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7 Ways Gritty, Smart, Strong Kids are Built with NinjaZone

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

NinjaZone Grit kids

“So, NinjaZone is just a fancy gym class, right?”


At least, not from where we sit. We have consistently witnessed kids emerging from NinjaZone with an empowered sense of self. It is not just a gym class. Kids, parents, and coaches agree that NinjaZone is a unique opportunity for kids to develop into unbelievably strong and confident individuals. Important characteristics of successful Ninja Kids start here:


On the first day of NinjaZone class, kids don’t know what to expect. Within weeks, they are doing flips, spins, and rolls, which they have never done before. With each passing day, they are gaining more confidence in themselves. They are understanding what it means to believe in themselves, which is laying an important foundation in their lives.


NinjaZone combines rolls, spins, flips, kicks, jumps, obstacle courses, dance, martial-arts, gymnastics, and cross-training. (In my best Chandler Bing) “Could these kids BE any stronger?!”


Ninja Zone is meant to allow kids to fall off balance and push themselves. Our program teaches kids that the slightest zig when they’re zagging is normal. If kids are convinced that they will never properly execute a flip, they become a self-fulfilling prophesy. Ninja Zone is there to help kids to revise their thinking, so feelings of self-doubt will not get the best of these amazing kids!


The Ninja Mantra gets kids IN THE ZONE. It’s a reminder that they are there for a purpose, and that during their time in class, they will focus and succeed. The NinjaZone program allows kids to transfer their energy into a purpose, and that purpose molds kids in Ninja class, school, and at home.


NinjaZone allows kids to excel. If they have a passion for a certain facet of the Ninja program, we want them to shine. We want kids to outwardly display their passion, and we give them the platform to exhibit their strengths.

6. BALANCE (And not the kind you find on a balance beam)

Refocusing energy does more than allow kids to run off steam in a controlled environment. It helps kids to practice impulse control, and provides them with a sense of emotional balance. This is a trait that carries over well beyond Ninja Zone.


NinjaZone builds gritty kids. These kids are confident, strong, balanced, and have a strong sense of self. How does this happen? See above. 🙂

NinjaZone Gritty Strong Confident Kids


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