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A Coaches Pep Talk

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Does coaching stress you out? Do you see routines in your dreams? Maybe even grit your teeth, and tear up every now and then? Do you feel like your efforts aren’t noticed, recognized, appreciated, or trusted? Feeling like you care more than they do? Feeling like if they just believed you, just did what you said, or just freeeeakkkinnnngggg listened, everyone would be so much happier? I feel your pain, and I have two pieces of advice.

NinjaZone Coach Pep Talk

Be freaking proud of yourself.

You’re doing a whole lot right when coaching. All of the yucky stuff you’re feeling is you’re big heart and passion. The parents, kids, and club owners are lucky to have you. Heck, the world is lucky to have you. Seriously. People that really care about stuff are hard to come by. Passionate people are hard to come by. That competitive spirit is a gift, be grateful.

Breathe deep and think hard about what you’re really working so hard for.

Coaching is leadership in the ultimate form. If you don’t consider yourself a leader, that’s the 1st place to start. You’re a huge part of building young humans into who they become. You’re the one that is showing them it’s okay to move out of a comfort zone, to sacrifice, to give more effort than the norm, to work through the pain, and to be a leader in their own right. As a leader, to do these things well, you have to have a clear mind and empathy to see that their goals may not be your goals for them. And that has to be okay. Rather than walking into practice with the coaching attitude of what you’re going to “get them to do,” try walking in with the attitude of “what can I be for them today”. Smile more. Praise more.  Be the coach that you would want to have then, and now. Set your goals for yourself as a leader, be patient, and be amazed at what they’ll do.

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