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Why Become a Ninja Coach?

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

7 reasons to be a Ninja Coach

Coaching children can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. Many are inspired by working in an environment that cultivates effort over talent and encouragement for gaining life skills, not just trick skills. Ninja is the perfect combination of merging passion with a paycheck. The passion of working with children at their level and on their own time is held by many coaches. The sport of ninja is authentic, natural, messy, and real - and we like it that way!

Considering checking out a coaching gig? Maybe these reasons will persuade you even more -

1. Ninja Coaches are the coolest, period.

No one is cooler in the eyes of a child than their coach. Their mentor who knows the in’s and out’s of sport, who encourages them when they feel down, who makes practice fun, and who is genuinely excited to see them every session. Mix that with being a Ninja… well… you just won the “coolest person they know” award.

2. Ninja is limitless.

The sport of Ninja is still not clearly defined - and that’s a good thing! It’s a sport that blurs the line between the techniques of gymnastics and the tricking skills of parkour. It encourages creativity in combinations and obstacle course racing. Ninja blends martial arts with endurance and speed. There is no one way to do it, and that creates limitless possibilities.

3. Coaches encourage kids to be their best selves.

The opportunity presents itself to impact kids in the best way possible. To help mold & shape them to be amazing human beings, which benefits all!

4. Coaches continue to grow themselves.

Every student you teach makes an imprint on who you are as a coach and a person. Personal growth is just an added bonus in the pursuit of coaching kids to be their best, there is no way around it!

5. Fun work environment.

Working in a children’s facility is always going to be fun (if it isn’t, they aren’t doing it right). Having access to the equipment and facilities add to creating an atmosphere of play for the kids and the coaches! Many gyms allow their coaches to learn new skills by utilizing the equipment and practice space too!

6. Alternative job opportunities.

Desk job not for you? Coaching keeps the creative juices flowing in a non-oppressive environment. The hours are not usually 9-5pm, and nights are often required. However, flexibility is more readily available than your typical corporate job - and a LOT more fun.

7. Becoming someone’s hero.

Coaching kids on a weekly basis automatically makes you a person who is caring and kind. Those attributes stand out to your students and you become their hero pretty quickly. While that may feel like a big responsibility (well, it is...), it’s the easiest thing to uphold with consistency and responsibility.

Being a coach is no easy task, but it’s by far - the most rewarding. Mix your passion with your day job, and find a ninja coaching job near you!

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